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Newsletter | 30 August 2017

Newsletter | 30 August 2017

We’re filled with sadness over the news of Hurricane Harvey and convey our deepest condolences to those who are affected by this tragedy.

On a more positive note, this Labor Day weekend you can look forward to even more Lucky Draws for some great prizes AND all that winning you can do in our Loving You LeaderBoard! $ 70 million won so far, get moving to win your share!

Get that barbeque fired up, an ice cold drink in your hand and take is easy because it’s the perfect weekend to unwind and relax! While you’re busy kicking back this Labor Day weekend, why not play during our hourly Live Draws for $ 15,000 worth of incredible prizes starting this Thursday from 2pm EDT until Monday, 4 September at Midnight EDT? Just think – you’ll really have extra reason to celebrate then!

Why miss out on $ 40,000 in prizes?? You don’t have to! You still have until 6am EDT this Thursday to win cash, bonuses and plenty of free spins. But… you had better get a move on to grab the TOP spot because out of the blue ‘DOREEN’ ousted ‘jdubb22’ out of first place into 2nd while ‘Aquitania’ reclaimed 3rd position. Goes to show, anyone can take the lead!

Yes! Only 5 days left! And all it takes is a minimum of a $ 50 deposit to get one entry! Think of how exciting it would be to actually stand in the home where Elvis lived his life! The cherry on top is that $ 1,000 spending money to treat yourself and your partner.

Aahhhhh, what dreams of made of!

Fancy yourself ruler of slots? Think you’re the king or queen of spin? Then you have to participate in the World Series of Slots coming your way tomorrow! Revel in supreme matches and Free Spins fit for royalty! Let the games begin as you play to win the BIGGEST prize pool in history – $ 450,000!

Rise to majesticness and claim what’s rightfully yours!

“Nallah77’’ complimented our selection of games this week. Here’s what she had to say:

“With the new website it’s easy to scroll through the games. Should help new players get a good feel for what is available. The graphics and sounds are also top-notch! Good Job!”

90% match bonus up to $ 250

80% match bonus up to $ 250

80% match bonus up to $ 500

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