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Dodgy web connection costs poker player his big win

Dodgy web connection costs poker player his big win


It’s an online player’s worst nightmare. Just as your spidey sense starts tingling and you feel a big win coming on, disaster strikes – you lose your internet connection! While some of us might suffer a broken lucky streak on the slots, one poker player lost the chance to take home a prestigious prize, all thanks to a less-than-solid connection.

Even if you are just a casual gambler, you will have certainly heard of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This massive event attracts the biggest names in the business with equally humungous prize pools available. A lot of WSOP events take place in land-based casinos but a selection of their competitions happens online. This is where the trouble started for one Mark Scacewater.


Our hapless protagonist Mr Scacewater was participating in the first of WSOP’s three online events, the WSOP $ 333 Online Little Grind. He was among 2,509 players to take part. The prize pool was originally set at $ 333,333 but it was raised to $ 752,700 due to the huge interest and large number of participants.

In the one-on-one match, Scacewater was pitted against competitor Joseph Mitchell. But disaster struck as some point during the game, with Scacewater losing the internet connection where he was playing. He managed to log back in eventually but was out for so long that he blinded out and only lasted two hands after getting back in the game.

Scacewater was lucky in that he didn’t go home completely empty-handed – he did take down $ 73,539. But we imagine he’s still stinging a little when he remembers that his opponent Mitchell took home $ 122,314 and the coveted gold bracelet.

Disconnection disaster

Scacewater’s bad luck isn’t the first time that a technical malfunction jeopardized a poker player’s chances. Just last month, one Charlie Carrel noticed that his internet connection has dropped while taking part in the Spring Championship of Online Poker, hosted by PokerStars. He sprinted to a nearby Starbucks (with what we can only imagine was panic and despair in his eyes) and got back online. He did eventually take home the big prize, but we’re sure he will remember to reset his home modem before he signs up for any big games in future.


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