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Is Citadel Planner 2’s Release Date Good to Be ignored?

Is Citadel Planner 2’s Release Date Good to Be ignored?

Internet casino gamers have been waiting patiently for the next Castle Builder instalment for sometime now, as the second iteration of the game promises a similar concept but with much more longevity and features. A RABCAT Gambling production, this games designer has been involved with Microgaming since 2012 when they signed as a development partner for another company in Microgaming’s network, Quickfire.

After huge problems came about with Castle Builder 1’s release, eventually dropping in 2014 despite receiving a nomination for 2013 Game of the Year (which we’ll get to shortly), many are wondering and worrying whether Castle Builder 2 will face similar delays. Surely Microgaming wouldn’t let this happen after last time’s monumental mess!?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we’re not especially confident.

Castle Builder 2 Was Announced in February for a Q2 Release

We begin with Microgaming’s initial announcement that Castle Builder 2 was in the works, subsequently sending many iGamers into a frenzy. Despite the first version running into problems, there’s no doubting its popularity. While the best casino free spins deals are still vital in today’s world, there’s certainly been a trend towards gamification recently – and Castle Builder 1 may well have been one of the first attempts at this.

“We have had great success with Castle Builder, launching the game to over 80 operators worldwide” – Thomas Schleischitz, CEO and Founder of RABCAT

So, the announcement on 9th February that Castle Builder 2 would be released in Q2 2017 obviously sent fans into raptures. Microgaming even created a Castle Builder-themed stand at the ICE conference to stir interests even more.

We don’t deny that the game looks awesome, truly building (excuse the pun) on the previous edition’s plus points while adding plenty more. But as May trickles into June, the Q2 2017 deadline is getting closer and closer. Are we set for more Microgaming disappointment with a delayed Castle Builder 2 release?

Castle Builder 1 Suffered Massive Issues with Due Date

We’re sure Castle Builder enthusiasts will remember, but for those who don’t we’ll offer a quick refresher. Confirmations of the new slot game by RABCAT Gambling emerged towards the end of 2012, with many operators, gamers and fans expecting a release in 2013. However, constant delays hindered this target, and it was actually well over a year late, in 2014, that Castle Builder hit our shelves.

Rather bizarrely, the game ended up on a shortlist for the EGR 2013 Game of the Year Award, despite not actually seeing the light of day. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the title wasn’t chosen as the victor, with Quickspin’s Big Bad Wolf coming out on top which gave them a platform to press forward with their own gamification plans.

What Caused the Problems?

Unfortunately, no one really knows! While Castle Builder’s delayed release caused many online players to scratch their heads in bewilderment, Microgaming weren’t exactly forthcoming with news on the topic.

Perhaps the slot’s unique concept had caused developer issues? Maybe there were copyright complaints from other companies with similar games?

We can only speculate.

What Can Gamers Expect Once Castle Builder 2 is Released?

What Can Gamers Expect Once Castle Builder 2 is Released?

As you can see from the above video, Castle Builder 2 does look good. Despite our concerns with the drop date, we’re sure it’ll be a blast once it finally enters the iGaming domain, with the following features set to be included:

  • An enlarged gaming capacity – with 15 kingdoms and 75 castles to build
  • 3 unique characters to play as
  • Plenty of achievements for added value
  • Choice of 4 difficulty levels – increasing the RTP!

“We’ve been very excited about the launch of Castle Builder II, a game that is designed with gamification at the forefront and that successfully sends players on an adventure to build the finest of castles. With more characters, kingdoms and castles than its very popular predecessor, we anticipate this game to be a massive success” – David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming

What’s more, Castle Builder 2 will be released during the height of mobile casino gaming, unlike its predecessor. You’ll no longer be confined to your desktops/laptops for this epic, as kingdom and castle constructions are now a plausible form of entertainment while out and about.

Now, let’s see a release date, Microgaming!


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