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New Slot Alert! Goldwyn’s Fairies by JFTW Will Drop on 17th May

New Slot Alert! Goldwyn’s Fairies by JFTW Will Drop on 17th May

New Slot Alert! Goldwyn’s Fairies by JFTW Will Drop on 17th May

Here at Gambling Metropolis, we’re always on the lookout for exciting news and updates to bring our readers. Be it industry updates, welcome bonus guides or just the general goings-on, we’re committed to being your number one destination for all things iGaming. On that note, we’ve brought your something rather special for this entry – an exclusive interview with the co-founder of a new slot developer – Just for the Win (JFTW)! Casino games are the core part of the entertainment for players, so the fact that we could sit down and pick the brain of an up and comer was music to our ears.

Of course, we understand that many of you will be stopping by for the latest treats and freebies from gambling platforms, but we thought you’d also be interested in JFTW’s imminent debut release – Goldwyn’s Fairies! We imagine that you can already hazard a pretty decent guess for this new video slot’s theme, but how about the special features, RTP and other important details? Well, co-founder Tiger has been involved in the company since the beginning, so there was no one better to run us through what we should expect from JFTW moving forward, and Goldwyn’s Fairies from 17th May.

Play Goldwyn’s Fairies at Multiple Online Casinos on 17th May

We kick things off with Tiger discussing JFTW’s debut slot title. He’s clearly excited to be speaking about a project that has been in the works for a while (see the company’s history below), stating several times that he hopes the players show the same enthusiasm once it drops. With a little under 2 weeks until the 17th May release date, gamers won’t be waiting too long before they can fire up Goldwyn’s Fairies – with a few free spins included too, we hope.

We are just a bunch of people who love creating games

One of the first things Tiger states is that he expects a decent selection of online casinos to host Goldwyn’s Fairies. “We have had a very healthy start due to a good response from the casinos upon showing the game”, he explains. Expanding upon this point, he says: “You will be able to see Goldwyn’s Fairies in several markets in May. You’ll see it across the Nordic regions, the UK, Germany and the middle of Europe”. So, JFTW are clearly pulling out all the stops to get their debut slot on as many screens as possible, but what will the title actually entail other than the obvious fairy element?

*UPDATE* – We’ve gotten word that a host of big names such as Videoslots, Unibet, ComeOn and more will be hosting the game’s release, with Videoslots confirming that they will include a promotion to match. So, make sure you head back to Gambling Metropolis just before launch to grab hold of those Goldwyn’s Fairies goodies!

Respins, Free Spins and Returning Wilds Are Just Some of the Features to Expect from Goldwyn’s Fairies

One of the most obvious places to start is the RTP of Goldwyn’s Fairies. While Tiger was slightly secretive about certain elements of the game, he had no problem divulging this piece of information – a 96.28% rate for JFTW’s debut title. As stated above, the release date is set for 17th May – something that Tiger claims had an impact on the theme. Alongside the fairies, he says that Goldwyn’s Fairies is situated in a “lush, green wood” which suited the feeling of spring turning into summer perfectly.

Respins, Free Spins and Returning Wilds Are Just Some of the Features to Expect from Goldwyn’s Fairies

One of the most interesting comments that Tiger made was about Goldwyn’s Fairies’ mechanics and features. All players want to be given a few opportunities to hit certain bonus rounds, and JFTW don’t disappoint here. Tiger claims that a returning wild feature will allow players to collect several of these symbols during the respin and free spins bonus rounds, with a final spin being granted with all the wilds active. “That makes for a great finale for the player, something to really look forward to”, Tiger insists, with the likelihood being that gamers will heavily benefit from this scenario.

Who Are JFTW and Where Did They Come From?

After telling us about Goldwyn’s Fairies, Tiger moved on to Just for the Win themselves and their (recent) history. He’s personally been in the industry for around 15 years, having started out as a blackjack dealer way back in 2002. From there, he progressed an online poker hobby into a job in the affiliate world, eventually deciding to become a casino manager. After positions with highly-successful casinos such as Betsafe and Betsson, Tiger moved into game creation, where he has stayed ever since. And, a little over a year ago, he and a few others decided to found JFTW.

He notes that, while JFTW is obviously a new company in the iGaming sphere, there is plenty of industry knowledge behind them. “Some have created slots for over 10 years, and others have been creating very good, hit experiences in the gaming market outside of gambling since ‘95”, Tiger explains. He claims that this has fashioned numerous opportunities for JFTW, such as giving them the perfect platform to “create the best possible games, and that is a huge advantage for us”.

I play a lot of different slots, as I have a very broad taste. With that said, what usually draws me in is excitement – so that is generally what I’m going to go back to.

When asked whether his own slot preferences had influenced Goldwyn’s Fairies, Tiger was adamant that the game had received its fair share of attention from all JFTW members. “We as a team are very strong when creating games, everyone is an expert in their field. So, we’ve been listening to everyone to enable us to create the best possible slot we can”.

Play Goldwyn’s Fairies at Multiple Online Casinos on 17th May

With a “For Players, By Players” Attitude, We’re Expecting Big Things from JFTW Moving Forward

It was always going to be daunting when creating a new company in an extremely competitive environment, but JFTW have plenty to fall back on. Due to the experience they have in their ranks, they’re very much set up to be a developer that creates games for the players based on their own knowledge. This can be seen in the company’s name, with Tiger saying that “Just for the Win comes back to the win” – tapping into the idea that slots are played for the thrill of landing huge prizes. They’re expanding at a rate of knots too, with their 19th employee joining recently to complement the 14-nationality outfit.

We as a company love to combine great art and great features. I will be a little bit secretive about what exactly is in the pipeline, but there’s only exciting times ahead

Finally, Tiger concludes that he hopes online casino players will enjoy Goldwyn’s Fairies and implores them to keep an eye on JFTW in the future. With so much potential at their disposal, the sky could truly be the limit for Just for the Win in iGaming!


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