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10 targeted Days to effectively Game on Mobile phone

10 targeted Days to effectively Game on Mobile phone

10 of the Best Times to Gamble on Mobile

While we all love to gobble up a few no deposit free spins bonuses from time to time, surely there’s no better platform to enjoy them on than mobile. It used to be the case that we’d need to wait until we got into the comfort of our own homes to have a few punts on the latest slots and table games, but thankfully we’re not confined to wired internet connections anymore. It’s so easy to play casino on mobile these days – as any online gambling website must have a portable platform in place before they launch – if they want to be taken at all seriously, that is.

We’ve spoken time and again about how gambling on mobile is the future of iGaming – and the stats continue to back this up. It’s been a little over 10 years since Steve Jobs announced Apple’s venture into the mobile phone world, and surely even he couldn’t quite predict its impact on the world. LeoVegas was the first true pioneer of casino on iPhone and other smartphone devices, and the market has pretty much exploded ever since.

With mobile betting seemingly the way forward for the foreseeable future, we thought we’d have a little fun with this article. We asked around the office and the internet to deduce what some of the best situations are to gamble on mobile. Not all of these suggestions are meant to be taken seriously (unless you want to take some serious heat from others!), but some can provide the perfect relief from numerous situations where you find yourself either bored or killing time. Let’s take a look at some of the best times to play casino on mobile.

10 “Perfect” Situations to Play Mobile Casino

1) Commuting to Work

Getting up in the morning is a struggle in itself, but there’s nothing worse than jumping on the bus/train with no form of entertainment. Before 3/4G connections and reasonable data plans, people were forced to download music and films to their phones to enjoy offline.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, with the most popular slots just a few touches away while you’re listening to your favourite Spotify playlists to match.

2) Long-Distance Journeys

The most obvious time to play mobile casino is on long-haul flights, although you need to be on a Wi-Fi friendly aircraft due to the insistence of flight-mode being on at all times. Other situations could well be long car/coach/bus/train journeys across country, with cruises and ferry services also in with a shout.

It’s already difficult enough to face multi-hour trips as it is, so be sure to have a fully charged tablet/smartphone with a data bundle for optimum mobile casino entertainment.

3) Waiting for TV Adverts to Pass

One of the best aspects of casino on mobile is speed. Despite SSD’s reducing the time it takes for desktops/laptops to boot up, there are still times where it’s not quite worth the hassle. One such example is waiting for TV adverts to pass – they’re long enough to irritate and frustrate but don’t quite warrant the time to fire up the computer.

Enter mobile devices. With a few touches and swipes, you can navigate to your favourite mobile casino website/app and enjoy a few spins before the next part of *insert TV show here* begins.

4) Queuing for the Dentist

Just like spiders and great heights, visiting the dentist is high-up on the list of common phobias. Whether you’re waiting for a check-up or the dreaded tooth removal, you need to take your mind off it as best you can.

Now, we’re sure a big win on your favourite high limit slot games would go a long way to easing the pain before the dental procedures had even begun!

5) Delays

We’ve mentioned commutes to work and far-reaching voyages which can be bad enough, but what about when there’s a problem. The classic situation of turning up to the airport to find your flight is suffering the only delay springs to mind, but this can apply to any situation whereby you’re left waiting until someone else’s issue is fixed.

Here’s praying that you’ve got a decent signal in your stationary position, rather than those troublesome notspots (areas with poor or no coverage) which continue to plague UK trains.

6) To Remedy Hangovers

Waking up in the morning after a big night out is always touch and go, with certain people unable to move from their horizontal positions for quite some time (if at all!). When you’ve just about come out of your slumber to eat, placing a few wagers on mobile is hardly taxing and can certainly brighten your day with some decent wins.

However, we don’t recommend betting on mobile before the hangover has kicked in (e.g. when still drunk!), as these situations tend to fall under the disaster category when going over the previous night’s antics.

7) Watching Certain Sports

Okay, we understand we need to tread carefully with this one – as we’re sure there are plenty of sportsbetting enthusiasts who visit Gambling Metropolis – but hear us out. We’re not talking about replacing the entire viewing session, just the moments where nothing too exciting is happening.

Examples of this include change of bowler/batsman in cricket, a snooker frame that’s had a few too many consecutive safety shots, or a 0-0 football match where both teams don’t look like scoring. Surely in these cases, it’s fine to discard the dullness until it picks up.

8) Parents’ Evenings

While school parents’ evenings are a good time to check whether your offspring are up to scratch with their work, it can get a little predictable after the first few teachers have given their verdicts.

Something that’s certainly not predictable, however, is the latest casino bonuses and promotions on offer from a variety of mobile gambling websites.

9) Company Meetings

Let’s face it, there are plenty of company-wide meetings we regularly attend that hold no value for many of us. Speakers and bosses droning on about what needs to be improved is rarely a morale-boosting affair, so why not turn to casino entertainment on mobile instead.

Make sure to position yourself strategically when you’re next shuffling into the cramped meeting room, with any pillars or other eyeline-blocking obstacles a handy boost.

10) Family Events

Once you’re old enough to gamble, it’s odds-on that you’ve been to your fair share of family events. Weddings, christenings and the hand-bruising event that is graduation are high-up on our list of best mobile gambling opportunities, as they can quickly become tedious once you’ve said your hellos.

Again, be sure to pick your moments when firing up those latest slot releases, as the last thing you want is to be caught red-handed halfway through!


Okay, you may have realised that the final 3 were a bit tongue in cheek – as we certainly don’t want to be responsible for missing your child’s progress/potentially getting fired(!)/potentially… we’re not even going to go there!

However, be sure to remember that mobile gaming has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us gamblers – with killing time scenarios never looked upon so favourably.


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