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Playtech’s New Grand Royale Live Casino Launches for VIPs

Playtech’s New Grand Royale Live Casino Launches for VIPs

One of the most common criticisms of online casino play is the lack of atmosphere. It’s long been known that brick-and-mortar casinos offer people the chance to socialise with one and other, and many people still continue to head down to these establishments for that exact reason. It’s something the iGaming industry has been aware of for some time now, but has always struggled to overcome.

One such counter method was the Live Casino experience. For anyone new to the online gaming scene, this allows gamers to watch a live stream of a real life dealer instead of an automatic computer. Bets are placed using the accompanying graphics, while players are also allowed and encouraged to communicate with the dealer themselves. In some cases, you can also respond to comments by other gamers at the table using the same chat box.

While this hasn’t convinced everybody, Live Casino has at least managed to eat in to the idea that online casino is completely devoid of any personalisation. Many game providers have worked hard to upgrade their Live Casino experiences since its general release around 4-5 years ago, and Playtech are the latest of the bunch to release good news.

Brand New High Roller Live Casino from Playtech

Playtech has described its Grand Royale Live Casino release at the end of February as the “first of many new concepts that will come together to create the company’s next generation Live Casino”. So, what’s new in this next generation build?

Well, for starters, they’ve moved to a new studio in Latvia which is stated to be the largest in the entire online gaming market, featuring the most cutting-edge of technologies. Playtech make no secret in revealing that these tables are mainly reserved for VIP players, describing them as “the same experience of a Salle Priveé”. Have a look at the below promotional video above for Playtech’s Grand Royale Live Casino experience to judge for yourself.

With 5 blackjack tables, 1 roulette and 1 baccarat, it’s clear that Playtech feels as though the first game is the most relevant to VIP casino players. What’s more, the Grand Royale release proudly displays the game designer’s new user interface, and follows the recent HTML5 Roulette inclusion and other technological tweaks.

Initial Estimates Suggest a 30% Increase from Grand Royale Live Casino

Since Grand Royale Live Casino was distributed to operators at the end of last month, Playtech have announced that they’ve seen “an uplift of more than 30%”. With more high roller/VIP casino players expected to head to these platforms so as to cater towards their needs, the company and online casinos will be hoping that 30% is just the beginning.

I’m confident operators will significantly benefit from [Grand Royale Live Casino] and players will love to play – Shimon Akad, Playtech’s COO.

Where Can I Play Playtech’s Grand Royale VIP Live Casino?

If you’re looking to get in on the VIP Live Casino action, you can load up Playtech’s Grand Royale experience at a number of casinos – including Betfred and Betfair.

As the software was only released recently, it’s to be expected that it won’t be rolled out by all available operators until a later date. However, it’s one of the most exciting developments we’ve seen so far from a games provider, with the whole concept of “next generation” platforms being received with avid attention.

Whether virtual reality will become part of Playtech’s Live Casino services in the future is anyone’s guess, but all of this innovation means we can’t wait to find out what’s around the corner!


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