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7 compelling reasons to play table games

7 compelling reasons to play table games

7 persuading reasons to play table games
If you are willing to drag yourself away from the allure of slot games, and want to enjoy the challenges that table games pose, then we are here to highlight 7 reasons why table games are a staple favourite for players who are willing to put their skills to the test.

Here are our 7 reasons why everyone should play table games:

  • It’s easier to win at table games than slots

This is actually based on a mathematical and statistical fact. Most table games were created with the older players in mind that had no built-in house edge. Of course, over time online casinos have modified to make them profitable, but without faffing around with the formulas too much. They are also easier to re-invent, which means they are easy to beat.

  • They are subject to strategy

If you want to perfect your strategy and put your skills to the test, table games give you the opportunity to win more when playing well. Almost every table game has an optimal strategy that comes with its own play choices to lower the house edge.

  • Lower volatility

You are less likely to lose a lump sum of money playing table games when compared to playing slot games. If you know your game, you should be able to win a lot more than say if you were playing on a slot game since slot games rarely pay out. They will either give you a small percentage of the bet, or else give you a lump sum only after you’ve played for a while.

  • No Random Number Generators (RNG)

If you are playing at a Live Casino or perhaps at a land-based casino, there is nothing quite as nice as touching cards or tossing the dice. When you are playing online, it adds that element of authenticity whereas slots work use RNG where the outcome is known before the reels have stopped spinning.

  • A slower pace means a better overall experience

Some hands can take a few minutes to resolve. Unlike playing slot games, the gaming experience is more contemplative. Less action can lead to less opportunity for the house edge to work against your bankroll. It’s less profitable for the casinos, but it’s better for your bankroll.

  • Bigger and better wins

There are usually less people playing at table games when compared to slot games. Jackpots tend to lure players to particular slot games, but theoretically hitting a jackpot is less frequent. So, statistically, you are more likely to win big at table games.

  • Chat with other players

One of the greatest advantages of playing table games at a Live Casino is the fact that you can chat with the dealer as well as other players at the table. You can meet and interact with other players, making it a fun and pleasurable gaming experience.

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