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Having slots in common – Comparing land-based to virtual slots games

Having slots in common – Comparing land-based to virtual slots games

These days, casino players have many options when it comes to satisfying their need for that exciting gambling thrill. Land-based casinos and online sites offer many opportunities to play, but how do they match up to one another when it comes to slots? Let’s take a look at what factors players take into consideration when deciding where to play.


On this point, online slots are the clear winner. Imagine a dark and stormy night. The weather is awful, your car has trouble starting and you just don’t feel like leaving the house. What’s an enthusiastic gambler to do?

Online casino play is hugely convenient for most players. Land-based casinos are fun and entertaining but being able to pull up your favourite slot on your computer or phone is the ultimate in player convenience.

Land-based casinos may be far away or non-existent in some places, making them difficult to get to on a regular basis. Online casinos have no such restrictions. Play on the train, on the bus, at home on the couch – there are no limits, as long as you have an internet connection.

Games on offer

The jury’s out on this one. Online casinos have the advantage in that they can host thousands of titles, from a variety of producers and, most importantly, make them easy to find. A trip to a land-based casino can involve hunting for your favourite slot machine and waiting for a free seat. Online casinos, thanks to their search bars and categories, make finding your favourite a breeze.

On the other hand, land-based casinos are where this kind of play was born. Big, clunky machines lend a feel of authenticity and there is no graphic, no musical jingle that online casinos can produce that matches the thrill of hearing coins flooding out of the slot machine. What they lack in variety, land-based casinos make up for in atmosphere.


Land-based casinos, even the biggest in the world, do have a limit to the number of machines they can host. Slot machines are large things, taking up quite a bit of room, and there are only so many that can fit in any one space.

Online casinos, on the other hand, are massive and, at the same time, completely portable. Through even an average spec smartphone or desktop, a player can access a mind-boggling array of titles in any number of categories.

While physical slot machines are pretty much static in terms of updates, online casinos are constantly evolving, improving the player experience they offer, expanding their games library and making their technical infrastructure better. In terms of technology, online casinos definitely have the upper hand.

In conclusion

It might seem like there is no contest between land-based and online casinos – the former can appear a relic from a bygone time, the latter a futuristic and fully accessible way to play. And for most players, this is true. Online casinos are the way to go for convenient, any-time gaming.

In the interest of balance however, it must be said that land-based casinos do remain very popular, with the biggest enterprises drawing millions of visitors a year. So we would say that land-based and online casinos are not so much adversaries as compatriots, offering players different experiences and advantages.


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