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Online Casino Trends for 2017

Online Casino Trends for 2017

Online Casino Trends for 2017Every year that passes, the world of online casinos grows at relentless speed. And with this growth come novel trends, most of which become the new milestones that set the new direction for online casinos on one hand and gamblers on the other to take.

Now, if a casino wants to do more than simply stay afloat in an increasingly densely populated and competitive industry; if a casino wants to lead the pack, to become a trendsetter, it has to do more than simply take a wild guess at what the next trends in the industry are going to be. It has to read all the subtle cues, do its homework well, and make well-informed predictions about what’s going to be the next checkpoint.

Playing on the Go

In 2016, one of the major market-changers was an increased implementation of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, etc. This comes as no surprise considering how widespread smart gadgets, with their modularity and multitasking traits, have become.

Even if simply a generalisation, it’s safe to say that millennials seem to be taking over the online casino market. And these same millennials are growing up with smart gadgets fully integrated into their lives. This is heavily impacting online casino and game provider decision-making when developing content. First, we saw online casino websites being converted into a downloadable app. Then, even this quickly started changing as online casinos started making their site auto-convertible to suit handheld devices while doing away with downloadable apps.

So, what’s the next step for online casinos and mobile devices? More games and software suitable for handhelds? Better interactivity? More features suitable for such platforms? We’ll see.

VR Meaning More Immersion

It’s still somewhat uncertain how much VR is taking off and becoming a widespread phenomenon. But it landed in 2016 and it seems that it’s here to stay. Some casinos are already implementing a page on their site that caters for the VR experience.

What is VR, you ask? In order to experience VR, you need to have a pair of VR goggles. By wearing them, this significantly improves the immersive and interactive feel of games played as you will be able to experience the feeling of an online casino in full 360 degrees. The goggles is usually paired up with an interactive controller set that allows you to interact directly with the game, without relying on a keyboard.

Women Increasing in Online Casinos

The trend of a significant increase in participation of female players making use of the services of online casinos took a huge upward turn 2015. Statistics show that in the U.S alone, the number of women gambling has risen to 40%, and in the U.K to a whopping 49%.

This shift of clientele means that online casinos are already tailoring their software and services to cater for female players. Some casinos have gone to the extent of creating a platform that revolves entirely around female players.

New Payment and Withdrawal Services

There’s also been a strong increase in third-party companies offering payment services for casino players. This is expected to increase in the near future even further.

One more financial feature that is seeing more implementation in casinos is BitCoin. This cryptocurrency is still in a state of flux due to its unprecedented nature, but it is proving to be an attractive payment method that more and more players are shifting towards. One such casino that offers this service is Playamo.


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