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Over the internet Club On line casino prohibited for dishonest tendency

Over the internet Club On line casino prohibited for dishonest tendency

Cyber Club Casino blacklisted for unethical behavior

Although most online casinos are trustworthy, occasionally we come across the odd one which really pushes our buttons. Our main concern and the very reason of us creating Gambling Metropolis, was and always has been to protect you from rogue casinos. This is why we want to highlight our experience with dealing with the now blacklisted Cyber Club Casino. Read on to learn more.

Declined payments and unpaid debts

You have to understand that one of the ways we keep this website afloat is by bringing in income from supporting trusted and reputable online casinos. We have a good partnership with most casinos which is how we are able to provide you with the very best deals, exclusive bonus offers, etc.

Unfortunately, Cyber Club Casino has failed to pass our test. They were unwilling to pay their end of the deal and in fact, owe Gambling Metropolis years of unpaid debts. It has also surfaced that other affiliates have also reported this online casino for such distasteful behavior. They have experienced the very same issues as we have, including lack of communication and cooperation as well as highly unprofessional behaviour by failing to pay their bills.  This is either via delayed or declined payments.

This puts Cyber Club Casino in a bad light. We are constantly striving to make sure that our readers are protected from rogue casinos who might display unethical business behaviours.

Increased player-risk

It is because of this very reason, that we have decided to write this article to showcase how this bad attitude could affect you as a player of Cyber Club Casino. Their unwillingness to honour our contractual commitments and of other affiliates and business partners makes us question the way they deal with their own players.  We also wonder that if the casino is unwilling to pay its debts to its many affiliates, who is to say that it won’t do the same to its players?

A casino is ultimately sustaining itself on the help of affiliates as well as player funds, but if a casino has a bad reputation that precedes it, then players are more likely to stay protected and avoid the inconvenience of sharing important information such as their banking or credit card details by not opening an account there.

We want to make it clear that we are writing this to warn our readers against opening an account with Cyber Club Casino. It is in our best interest that our readers are protected from rogue casinos and our duty is to recommend trusted casinos where players will have a pleasant gaming experience. We will only promote casinos that use ethical business practices.

You could do with avoiding the hassle of signing up to a casino who is unwilling to secure and guarantee what it promises.


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