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Bench animals rapture and extras at Codeta Betting

Bench animals rapture and extras at Codeta Betting

Table game heaven and bonuses at Codeta Casino

The new kid on the block, Codeta Casino stands out from the crowd. Besides being a mobile-friendly casino, they have made sure to cater for every type of player including offering a huge range of games, various deposit limits and live chat support in a variety of languages. We caught up with Simon Johansson, the casino’s affiliate director at Sigma in Malta last week to learn more about what’s in store for the casino.

Table game fest at Live Casino

This casino’s main focus is on putting their live casino games first. After years of research, the casino realized that 99.5% of the casinos today were mostly slot-oriented with very little focus or attention on live casino.

“We thought that this group of players also deserved to have a home. Somewhere they could feel: ‘Ah, this is our place, where we can play our games’. So, we created this place for them and not a day too early,” admitted Mr Johannson.

He further added that they reached out to the player base and managed to reach out to the table game players in particular. The casino is delighted about the turnout.

Codeta Casino and Bonuses

Pronounced ‘Co-de-TA’, Mr Johansson admitted that they do things very differently. Putting live casino at the forefront, Codeta has even created video tutorials for players to learn the ropes of these games quickly and efficiently. They didn’t want their players drudging through boring content on how to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat etc, so they have built and recorded video tutorials for their players.

The casino, which first launched on the Nordic market, has also launched in Germany just recently. Along with an intriguing welcome package, the casino also hands out a 10% cashback or a 10% extra on all wins. He added, “Usually [on other casinos] you lose a lot of money and you get an email the day after with 10 free spins. The players were really tired of these free spins and wondered if they could get something if they beat the casino. That’s how we came up with the top-up. If you do a good run on blackjack, Starburst or another game, you should actually have an award for beating us. And if it goes the other way, you should get something back, instead of free spins.”

Regardless of whether you win or lose, you will get something back.

Games at Codeta Casino

When asked which games players prefer the most, he said that there hasn’t been any surprises. “We’ve just entered the German market, which is more table-game oriented. For the Nordics, it’s mostly about blackjack and roulette. Not a big surprise maybe. And you know, the usual slots such as Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk and so on.”

He further added, that Baccarat is gaining increasing popularity and is actually bigger than online blackjack. It is especially popular in Asia and has now moved to Europe where it’s gaining more and more popularity.

When asked about his favourite games, he replies, “I have been playing poker for many years. I started when I was 15 and played for a euro with a friend. I went back home with 4 euros and I was so happy. The closest thing to that is table games, and my favourite is definitely blackjack. I like roulette as well, but blackjack is by far the best one.”

He further added that Codeta Casino will always be the home for table game players but without excluding any other type of player.

Welcome package at Codeta Casino

Sign up to this fantastic casino to receive a welcome package including:

  • 100% bonus match up to €300 on your first deposit
  • 10% top-up cashback bonus OR
  • 10% top-up on winnings

Sign up to Codeta Casino now


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