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Friday the 13th brings bad luck

Friday the 13th brings bad luck

Friday the 13th (or full thirteenth) was used by many people to book as an unlucky day. And that was in itself little to do with the Friday but more conscious these days, combined with the number 13. For example, there are countries where Tuesday the 13th does not bring good luck to those who are superstitious. But for many people, the 13 is a lucky number and will go today to try their luck.

“Friday the thirteenth is also a day, which you can consider yourself lucky …! “

Test yourself your luck on Friday the 13th

 Friday the 13th fortune or misfortune? What’s better than to once and for all to deal with superstition, nothing anyway ?! Therefore today still try (it is the 13th and Friday too!) or you are a lucky person on this so-called unlucky day.

Maybe you do have a lot of luck and win so much that you now every Friday the thirteenth hard laughs. Or as much as you can take a look at South America on Tuesday the 13th and the South Americans experience this day. Good luck today and remember … do not let black cats cross your path and not walk under ladders!

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