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Round 3 Winners: $ 50,000 Progressive Leaderboard Competition

Round 3 Winners: $ 50,000 Progressive Leaderboard Competition

London, UK, June 22 2016 -. Earlier this week, Lotus Players Club Casino announced the winners of Round 3 in the $ 50,000 Progressive Leaderboard Competition

snow19’s winning streak came to an end with Dmslots reigning supreme in Round 3 of the leaderboard competition. Coming in 2nd and 3rd was Felicite who won $ 1,000 Cash followed by grantt2 which won $ 800 bonus money.

A list of the top 15 and pricing is available

After congratulating all winners spokeswoman for the group, Scarlett Williams, also announced the start of the Triple Crown finale June 2016 began on 20

“We are so excited about this Never- been-done-before challenge, because for the first time ever, players can not on the leaderboard yet continuous participation and an opportunity to win bonus cash prizes, “Williams said.

The Triple Crown includes Crown Finals 1, 2 and 3. Crown Crown Crown 1 will see the top 20 players in the leaderboard three rounds compete for their share of $ 19,500. The number of contenders will shuttle in every round.

“Anyone can win, that’s what’s so great about it. Players outside, which means that every player, Crown 1 can bet on their favorite contender by claiming the Crown 1 offer with the unique code , available on the contest page ( Players will be able to offer as many times as they want. With each claim, a bet going in the direction contender. There is $ 1,000 in bonus money up for grabs for the player most bets placed on the winner, “Williams said.

Crown 2 consisting of the TOP 10 Crown 1 begins on June 22, 2016


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